Eco-Village Concept

Our idea of sustainable villages provides healthy local food production, food and seed banks, education, job training and more to rural areas, especially identified food-deserts. The villages will foster community cohesiveness and sustainablity practices will become an ingrained way of life for future generations. We will also provide eco-tourism components as fertile training grounds for like-minded individuals and to help support the village ecosystem.

Eco-Village Living

Solar powered, electric cars, gardens, poultry, fish, dignified living dwellings

Humanitarian projects - education of the local community and other villages

Own a part of 6 villages or contribute your expertise for compensation*

*not an offer to sell real estate

Eco-Village Goals

  1. To be mostly self-sufficient living within the community independently.
  2. To maintain individual, sovereign living facilities while offering the security and support of a gated community setting.
  3. To produce an abundance of food, energy, transportation systems (electric cars), so as to create as much independence and non dependence on the grid as possible.
  4. Shared efforts with the ability to completely focus on the community with possibilities of earning a living within or part time/full time work outside while contributing part time support inside.
  5. All the systems are designed to create support within first and revenue second.
  6. Their will be a commons kitchen and meeting area where optional daily meals will be available and in the future a small private restaurant available to the public for revenue from excess produce and food.



Ecoasis Sustainable Living Center

Located in Bisbee, AZ 85603

Call (520) 727-1285 for more information


We will be purchasing the former Ecoasis Sustainable Living Center in Bisbee, Arizona and build it out as a full Eco-Village concept supporting rural southeast Arizona. We believe that with the knowledge we add from this endeavor and other locally based sustainable food operations across the world that we can develop a fine tuned model to share with other communities.


info coming shortly


info coming shortly

New Mexico


Located in Ruidoso, NM 88345

Call (505) 552-2272 for more information


A planned, closed, private community structured as "Co-op Housing" with an Eco Village theme. Each participant owns their private housing space and shares the benefits and management of the common grounds, amenities, energy and food production facilities. Owners can freely buy and sell their Co-op share (their housing) under the terms of the Co-op. Incoming residents must sign and agree to the friendly co-op terms and conditions.

Basic Terms

  1. Be responsible for any and all financial obligations
  2. Do not disturb other community members
  3. Keep your housing and immediate surrounding grounds in reasonable condition
  4. Report problems
  5. Participate in and be responsible for the project overall and one specific or several components of the village systems
  6. Example of systems include aquaculture, gardening, poultry management, maintenance, new construction and remodeling, landscape and grounds, electrical and solar systems, water management, motor-pool and mechanical systems, food storage, management and restaurant operations, child care and education, administration.


Plan is to implement the project in 2018. There are 2 families with verbal commitments to arrive in early 2018. One couple arrived in August and stayed 3 months until family matters, health and other obligations required their departure. They said they wished to return.


Efficiency house, 1 bedroom, 2, bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom options are available at this time. Priced at 50-100+/ sq ft - the co-op can finance the purchase or month to month rental agreement available on a case by case basis. Property owned free and clear - on 2 acres.


info coming shortly

Ecoasis Sustainable Living Center

Located in Bisbee Arizona, the mission of Ecoaisis is to do all kinds of cool things.

Food Exchange at Ecoasis

Franciscans meet at Ecoasis